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XTension Version 9.4.8

Released: 8/5/2018

Download: XTension v9.4.8 (build 988) 8/5/2018
zipfile md5 = 54c3bdba66d2477d4386a1d4c433f2b0

9.4.8 is a maintenance release with many fixes for minor problems and few new features. Anyone running 9.4.7 should update to this version.

Change Log

  • Fixed a problem with the Combined Setpoint Thermostat control where the setpoint might not be updated in the web interfaces if the value changed from some other source.
  • Fixed a problem that kept unit error icons from being cleared from the web remote even when the error had been cleared by the interface.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error to be logged when using the new setData command. The command finished and operated properly but returned an applescript error regardless.
  • Fixed a regression that kept you from deleting a view in the last build. Use the File:Delete menu to delete a view.
  • The Vera UI7 interface now waits to report that the Vera is offline for a couple of minutes. The Vera will often refuse a connection or 2 in the process of reloading it’s interface or other functions that could result in many state changes of the AVAILABLE unit in XTension. As of this version the state of the Vera unit will only change if it’s been down long enough that it’s not going to just spontaneously come back on line in the course of it’s normal operations.
  • Fixed a problem in the Web Interfaces where a unit’s on or off label would not let you clear them via applescript. In this build if you execute a script like: set xtOnLabel of xUnit “name of a unit” to “” it will clear the label and start displaying the formatted value of the unit as you would expect rather than displaying just an empty string as what happened before.
  • The Motion Report page of the web interfaces is optimized quite a bit for faster loading and faster display of the data as the reports start to come back in from XTdb.
  • Much more debug logging is available in the Motion Report page if the interface is in debug mode in case anyone has further problems.
  • Fixed an issue where the Motion Report page would not draw on browsers running on non-retina screens.
  • I noticed that my Vera was sending some bogus values for thermostat setpoints and temperature readings sometimes. They were transient and were always corrected but they messed up my graphs. This may be limited to Vera Lite implementations of the UI7 protocol, but they may not. In this version any reading from a thermostat that is more than 3 degrees different from the current reading will result in that value not getting sent to XTension but rather a query being sent to the thermostat. The result of the query will be sent to XTension. This has the negative feature of delaying an update to the XTension database, but it will filter out some, but not all, of the goofy values that can be received.
  • Vera window coverings will now treat a set value command of 0 as an off and a non-zero value as an on. This would let you control them via the popup control in XTension. Previously you’d get an error in the log about the fact that window coverings don’t respond to a set value command.
  • Previously the set value command to the Vera would have converted any value you sent to an integer. With the new ability of the thermostat control to use fractional values it might be useful to be able to send values with a decimal point. Your thermostat still has to support it but XTension will at least attempt to properly send a fractional value to any Vera unit now.
  • Fixed a bug with Vera door locks where it would send the opposite state and then update to the correct state upon every reboot of the Vera interface. Your door locks won’t report being unlocked and then immediately locked again when you startup the interface.
  • Fixed a bug with the Manage Global Scripts window where after renaming a script it might not have updated it’s entry in the window list. Renaming a script will now properly update the manage global scripts window if it is open. This was a regression in the last update relating to the ability to share global scripts over the shared database system.

Previous Releases

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