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XTension Version 9.4.19

Released: 6/8/2019

Download: XTension v9.4.19 (build 1003) 6/8/2019
zipfile md5 = 15850c3f2839d10b207cfdb8cea82071

NOTE as of version 9.4.13 the minimum system version has increased to 10.10
Before upgrading to OSX Mojave please read the Mojave Support Page.

If you have already upgraded to Mojave and have any scripts that reference applications other than XTension you must run them after the upgrade. The OS cancels your previous permissions to control other apps when the version info changes. If you don’t run those scripts and OK the dialog that will appear then ay scripts you have that try to do this will not run.

Change Log

  • FIX: a problem with the new Hue plugin on systems that use a comma as a decimal point.
  • FIX: APC UPS monitor plugin is better at reconnecting after certain kinds of temporary networking errors.
  • FIX: The background database save had very rarely caused a complete hang for some people. This is now fixed.
  • Change: The “High Sierra” fix for applications being hung when the screen goes to sleep is no longer applied if you’re running Mojave or newer. I believe that Apple has fixed this so it’s no longer necessary. It caused no problems just wasted some CPU and memory.
  • FIX: The new Hue plugin no longer sends constant updates every few seconds if you have any sensors or remotes on your ZigBee network.
  • FIX: In the new Hue plugin battery operated sensors and remotes now properly display their battery level.
  • FIX: The new Barix plugin is better able to cope with unicode characters in unit names.
  • FIX: Rarely the entire application could crash when closing a window. This was a bug in the compiler framework which I have added a work around for.
  • Change: The new plugin include code has been significantly updated to properly handle unicode encoding in both python 2.7 and python 3 plugins. Some individual plugins may still have issues.
  • FIX: The new W800 plugin will fix at first startup any security units that were not properly converted from a previous attempt to convert. All W800 units are now working with the new plugin. If you had trouble with the one in the last release please try again.
  • FIX: Creating a new Global Script and then closing the Edit Script window before typing anything now properly removes the name from the index. Previously you could not attempt to create another script by that same name until you quit and restart. This is now fixed.
  • Change: The entirety of the plugin includes has much improved error reporting showing not just the error as before but a stack trace showing exactly where in the plugin the error occurred. This will make future debugging and development of plugins that much easier.

The following fixes are based on reports from the Beta release and were not included in the Beta version. I updated the build version between the beta and the release so XTension will still make a database backup even if you are running the beta currently. You are always encouraged to zip up an extra copy in the Finder between closing the old version and first running the new version however.

  • FIX: When editing a Unit’s description in a List menu the previous value no longer shows through the editfield.
  • FIX: Extended Color Lamps now work properly again in the new Hue plugin. This was a regression in the beta build of this version and is now fixed. Extended Color Lamps (ones that support both color temperature and color) now work normally again. If you had trouble with the beta version please try the conversion again.
  • FIX: In the Home Kit plugin the Garage Door device type is no longer reported backwards by Home Kit.
  • FIX: Several minor issues with the new unicode handling from the beta version were fixed.
  • Change: In the Lutron RadioRA plugin I was not able to reproduce a reported problem, probably again with text encoding changes, but I have added much more detailed error reporting to the section of code that was affected so that if anyone has this error again it will contain enough info for me to fix it even without being able to duplicate it.
  • FIX: Automatically created plugin units no longer lack a unit properties reference. Previously if you tried to “Show Unit Properties” on a new automatically created unit you would get an error rather than the expected Edit Unit Properties dialog. This was always fine after a property was added or after a restart of the app.
  • FIX: Fixed a conversion problem from the old MaxSonar plugin to the new one. Units with older addressing styles “A1” instead of just “1” will be properly converted. Previously it would not find the “A1” addressed unit and would create a new one instead of converting the old one. This was always fine for new installations it was only the conversion that could be confusing.
  • Change: The new Hue plugin now maps values to dimmable units slightly differently. Hue bulbs do not treat a value of 0 as off but rather as their lowest dim level. In XTension you previously had to use the turn off verb to make a Hue lamp actually turn off. In this version dimming a Unit to 0 (or attempting to dim it below 0 if you’re doing a slow fade with repeated “dim by” commands) will send an actual off. Values from 1 to 100 are mapped to the native hue brightness levels of 0 to 254 rather than 1 to 254 as before so dimming to 1 should be actually dimmer than it was before.
  • NEW: A new option for the Hue plugin in the Edit Unit dialog to “Use Native Value” after checking this you can go to the Advanced tab of the unit and turn on the “use min/max” set the min to 0 and the max to 255 and you can now set the values for that unit specifically without the mapping. This will give you more granularity of control over the brightness of the lamp. This can be very useful for lights that you use as night lights as controlling the level at the low end is easier. This may also be more useful for their strip light controllers which have a lot of potentially useful levels at the very low end.
  • NEW: A new option in the Hue plugin for “slow polling” since the Hue hub does not do a true RESTful interface it must be continually polled. If you want to connect more than one XTension instance to a a Hue hub you may find that some connections are refused just because of how rapidly they must occur to get reasonable response to pressing a remote button. By selecting “slow polling” you reduce the rate of polling so that these errors do not occur. You can also do this if you don’t have any remotes or don’t care if it takes a bit longer for a bulbs status to update in XTension after changing it with some other Hue app. This can also be useful if you are connecting to a remote device across the internet or other slower network connection.
  • FIX: the Sim Preset verb now properly saves color and color temperature data that you include with it. This previously worked only with the original Hue plugin but should now work for both the new Hue plugin and any other color capable plugin such as the Lifx bulbs and RGB Pseudos.

Previous Releases

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