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XTension Version 9.3.9

Released: 1/12/2018

Download: XTension v9.3.9 (build 974) 1/12/2018
zipfile md5 = 7741a3d4567b9df5be4a755acd8f2dda

Change Log

  • New: Animated Gauges from the justgauge project. When the value changes the updating of the value display is animated. These are available both in XTension Views, in Views embedded onto a Web Remote page and as individual controls you can add to a Web Remote page. They are not currently implemented on the mobile version of the web remote so if you embed a view that contains one and view it in the mobile web remote they will not display. They will appear there in the next update. There are lots of formatting options available for them. At the moment you can show only one value in them so for more information rich graphs you’ll have to stick with XTdb gauges. These also don’t resize down to very small sizes very well like the XTdb graphs, they are good for larger displays only.
  • Change: The live log cache is now saved to disk with each database save so if you do have a problem and the app is forced quit it won’t lose all your saved log data. This is the cache of searchable and filterable log data and has nothing to do with the regular log files saved to disk as well. This is what is reloaded into the window at launch to restore the log that was there at quit. Perviously this cache was only created during a proper quit and so would be lost if there wasn’t a proper quit.
  • You should no longer get high sierra screen waking messages in the log during regular database saves.
  • Previously if you queried a UPB unit the scripts of the unit would be run even if the values returned from the unit were no different than the current value in the database. Now the scripts are only run if the query results in a chance to the units state or value.
  • Fix: There was a problem using the “with data” parameter to the Do Later verb. Subsequent calls might pass previous versions of the data. Now the proper with data property is passed to the callback.
  • Fix: The Python Plugin host could have incorrectly parsed the incoming data stream to a plugin if the delineator was set to more than a single character. This now properly parses any data input.
  • Many small optimizations to the Web Remote resulting in faster loading and more responsive pages, especially if you have very complicated ones.
  • XTdb graph displays on the Web Remote would sometimes show an image load error rather than the graph after an update and then reload with the correct image a moment later. Thats now fixed, the graphs will always show the most current graph.

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