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XTdb: Database and Graphing for XTension

Note that I am in the process of updating and reorganizing all the XTdb pages. Things may be in flux, missing, or just confusing for the next few days.

XTdb is a plugin/helper for XTension that provides database functionality, motion reports, gauges and graphs. By default it records changes in value or events for all Units in your XTension database. XTension provides interfaces for you to view historical data from this database as well as create graphical motion reports as well as gauges and graphs. These can all be displayed live updating in XTension views and any of the web interfaces.

Gauge and Graph Examples:

Many Examples of XTdb graph and gauge output

Motion Report Examples:

Motion reports are available on the Web Interfaces and the built in XTension Views. As of this moment full day reports are only available on the web interfaces.

Example of live 1 hour motion reports:

Example of 24 hour motion reports from the Web Interface:

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