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XTension Version 9.4.43

Released: 8/29/2021

Download for all Supported OS versions; XTension. v 9.4.43 (build 1046)

Minimum System Version for this release is OSX 10.10 but not all plugins may function properly prior to 10.13. Please start the necessary work to upgrade to at least 10.13 for future builds will no longer be able to support 10.10.

Maximum supported version is Big Sur but some minor problems and cosmetic issues remain when running on Apple Silicon.

9.4.43 Change Log:

  • NEW: Generac Generator Monitor Plugin. This plugin can connect to the excellent genmon open source replacement for the proprietary Generac monitoring device. It replaces their custom device that offers no local data with a raspberry pi running the genmon software. As much relevant data as can be is turned into XTension units. As of this alpha release of the plugin no attempt is made to be able to control the generator or transfer switches. If people desire to do such a thing I can add that in a future build of it.
  • NEW: MQTT Broker Plugin An alpha version of an MQTT broker. This is not feature complete yet, but since it is so popular for IOT devices we really needed to start some support for this protocol. As of this moment only devices shared to XTension are supported. It will not share XTension devices TO an MQTT broker yet. It will also only work with devices that send a reasonable numeric value or a string that can be parsed to a numerical value. See the wiki page for more info. I do plan to flesh this out with a lot of parsing options depending on what people need to want to be able to do so experiment and let me know.
  • I added a “Send Query” command to the contextual menu for some, but not all, device types that support it. So instead of resorting to the command line window you can just control click on a unit and select that. Useful for the hubitat and the vera and such but not yet expanded to the CM11 and UPB interfaces. Only newer plugin device types that support a query will have this menu item enabled. Which means there is a new key in the device definitions for plugins that lets XTension know if the unit can be queried or not.
  • FIX: The hubitat would return goofy levels for dimmable devices after they were turned off sometimes leading to XTension thinking they had been turned back on locally when they had not. I’m now using the switch parameter from the hubitat to know if it thinks the device is on or off and completely ignoring any level values when the device should be off. On my own system this has solved 100% of the problems I was having while not adding any new ones, but if anyone sees anything else odd please let me know.
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the ControlByWeb plugin that could lead to it not seeing all the available end points and or log a lot of errors.
  • FIX: The color preset display in the edit unit dialog for color capable units no longer has bad placement that overlaps some of the titles in the window.
  • FIX: Fixed a path where a blocked unit would still log it’s reception of new states even when it should not.
  • FIX: The hue hub plugin had an issue that could make it difficult to get it to sign into a new hub even after you had pressed the button on it. This is now fixed and you should be able to add new hubs or new interfaces to one without difficulty.
  • FIX: A bug introduced a few versions ago could cause changes to your web remote layouts to not be saved. This could also effect other plugins specifically the weeder plugin where it might not have actually saved any of your configuration changes. George! If you’re reading this please try this new version!
  • Added better error handling to the loading of graphic resources during the startup of the program. I suspect that big sur or there abouts changed some things that are no longer available. If so you’ll get an error during load but the load will now continue and the program will be usable though it might throw errors later on or not display some icon types. Please let me know if you’re seeing any of these problems so we can collect some more data.
  • Removed some remaining debug logging stuck on in the shared database plugins.
  • Removed a debug dump of the database that could happen when starting up any shared item capable interface.
  • rtl_433: added support for moisture/water sensor devices that send a numerical value rather than just an on or an off.

NOTE: This disk image no longer includes the older legacy plugins that will not be updated for newer OS versions. If you still need to run the CM19, CM15, ZTroller or the various Smarthome X10 interfaces please download the legacy plugins package from here and install the ones you need via the “Install Plugin” menu item of the “Database” menu.

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