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XTension Version 9.4.11

Released: 8/26/2018

Download: XTension v9.4.11 (build 991) 8/25/2018
zipfile md5 = d1867ea996d6d3643a994ccab3270140

Quick fix release for problems with the JSON/HTTP server in the previous build. Depending on your configuration it might have refused to startup until you had edited the settings for it in the new version. This version fixes that problem and has a couple of other minor bug fixes.

Change Log

  • FIX: The new JSON/HTTP server can now properly load up your configuration from previous XTension versions. There was a situation where certain config options would cause it to fail to start. It now starts properly regardless.
  • FIX: A situation could occur in the new JSON server that would cause a timeout error to be logged every 20 seconds after some specific network error conditions even though the connection was closed and deleted. This is now working properly as well.
  • NEW: The WebSocket plugin now supports accepting connections via SSL. (if you’re using a self signed certificate you will have to go through the standard rigamarole with the browser to tell it that you’re not actually hacked and that your connection is actually secure. See more info here
  • Fixed some ambiguity about what the default port number was for the WebSocket plugin. It might have said different things on different pages.
  • The WebSocket plugin no longer needs to be restarted if you change the port or SSL settings. Those will be picked up by the running application as soon as you click Save or Apply in the edit window. Changes to the bonjour names still require that the interface be disabled and re-enabled.
  • The WebSocket plugin does less debug logging when not in debug mode but what it does log should be more useful. Startup logging and setting the state of the interface as displayed in the interface list window will reflect if it was able to bind to it’s port or not. You won’t get a “Ready” message in the log unless it started up OK, but you will get a descriptive error message if it doesn’t.
  • Fixed an error when starting up without a database that would claim that the Attachments script had failed to load. This was not actually happening as you don’t actually have an attachments script when you startup for the first time, but it was potentially alarming to the new user.
  • The shared script count display in the Sharing Setup window now properly displays the number of scripts you have actually selected for sharing rather than the number of unit lists you selected for sharing as it did previously.
  • Fixed a potential crashing problem when closing the interface list window due to my freeing the memory pool twice.
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