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Online I accept Paypal payments. I am happy to accept other methods of payment that may be more convenient for you. Please contact me via email at james at sentman (you know to add a dot here) com to arrange such.

After purchase you will receive your serial number via email. This usually happens almost immediately if I am sitting at my computer to receive the notification. Otherwise as soon as I sit back down and discover it. If you haven’t heard back from me within 24 hours please feel free to drop me a reminder via my email above and let me know I missed the Paypal notice. That does happen sometimes.


  • New Purchasers $149.95 USD
  • Classic XTension Owners may upgrade for $110 USD


XTdb is a separate purchase for $24.95. This is necessitated by the extra cost of the commercial graphing engine that is included in order to produce the fantastic graphs and gauges that the program creates.

Purchase XTdb for $24.95 USD


XTension has always been a one time purchase. The only upgrade we ever charged for was the upgrade from classic MacOS to Mac OSX back in the early 2000’s. Michael and I did begin accepting what he deemed a kind of “tithe” where happy users could donate a portion of the purchase price once, or as often as they chose to help continue development. As of this moment I have no plans to switch to a subscription model or to require such regular or one time payments. Those who choose to do so anyway are greatly prized friends of XTension. They will be rewarded for their generosity in this life with an exemption from any possible upgrade fees that might be levied in the future, and in the next life by whatever deity claims them when they get there…

A huge thank you to all the folks who continue to ask me to make this easier, I greatly appreciate it! Any extra funds add directly to my available time to spend continuing to improve and extend XTension!

Make a voluntary single or automatically recurring donation in an amount of your choosing to help support XTension

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