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The current build is here: XTension Version 9.5.1

The builds on this page are historical and not currently supported.

XTension releases come on a weekly release schedule rather than on an official numbering scheme. You can get the latest build from the XTension Version 9.5.1 page. By downloading this software you agree to be bound by the end user license agreement.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: if you’re upgrading from a version prior to build 854 then you must run 854 at least once against the database to convert your applescripts into a format readable by Cocoa. After the database conversion is complete you can then run versions 855 or newer)

  • XTension version 7 (build 854), may 14th 2014 is the legacy stable release version for OS versions 10.6 and earlier. This version also supports PPC machines for most, but not all interfaces. An Intel processor and 10.7 are required for the web interface. If you are upgrading from an earlier version than this to the Cocoa versions you must run this version against the database at least once in order to prepare the file structure for the Cocoa versions. Download
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