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XTension Version 9.4.7

Released: 7/28/2018

Download: XTension v9.4.7 (build 987) 7/28/2018
zipfile md5 = f7fa94e2b490265116c81b95a90e7a4b

Change Log

  • Enhanced error checking for scripts with idle callbacks. Errors in the script will not reliably cause the script to stop executing and not result in it potentially continuing to error as fast as it can.
  • Script results are now cleared before the next calling of the script rather than after so no error condition can cause a previous result ID to hang around incorrectly.
  • Thermostat “state” displays will now properly show the on or off label if you have set one, or the default label if being sent from the Vera or other plugin. This means that you’ll see the proper state of your thermostat shown in the label for that unit even if it’s something that XTension has never heard of before. You can always override this default label by adding in your own advanced label if you wish it to me more human readable than what comes directly from the Vera.
  • In the script editing window the GoTo popup will more reliably highlight the correct handler in your script. Previously it might have matched both init2() and init() but will now find the right one.
  • New: Added a “Resolution” popup to the thermostat controls. If you have a thermostat that can be set in increments of .5° or something other than full degree increments this will allow you to select those with the regular up and down buttons in the thermostat. NOTE: there is still a fish in there somewhere that keeps the thermostat control from working properly after you edit the page it’s on. If you edit the page a thermostat is on just save it and reload to get things going again until I can figure out why that is.

available resolutions are currently 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0. If you need other values here let me know. NOTE: your thermostat has to actually support setting the temperature in these increments or it won’t work.

  • Fix: The parse json verb previously had a problem with booleans in a keyed dictionary, but not in an array, this is fixed and booleans are handled properly in both cases.
  • New: List menu is now always alphabetical. Previously the list was manually arrangeable and the first 9 items would get the menu shortcuts of command-1 through command-9. These commands are now configurable see next item.
  • New: Menu Shortcuts panel on the Preferences window lets you set the menu shortcut keys 1 through 9 to any List or View.
  • Sorting and management of the global scripts menu is now much faster for people that have many scripts.
  • Fix: fixed a crashing problem with the find dialog on OS versions prior to 10.12. The find system now works properly with 10.12 back through 10.9 but will bring up the separate find panel for those versions rather than embedding the find bar at the top of the edit script window.
  • Searching the database is now ludicrously faster than previous. It’s almost not worth having a progress bar anymore.
  • Fix: When editing a Mobile Web Remote interface the pin number was not always being filled back into the edit field. It now gets properly populated regardless.
  • New: For database sharing you can now select Global Scripts to share to the remote machine as well as unit lists. They will show up in the scripts menu under a sub menu with the name of the prefix that you set in the remote machines database sender configuration. At this moment you can only execute a script remotely. You can do so manually via those new menus, via a script or via a scheduled event. You cannot interact with the script yet at any level lower than that. You cannot tell it to execute a handler yet, nor can you get or set properties in it like you can with a local script. Unlike shared units, shared global scripts are ephemeral and will not appear in your system until the remote system connects. If you are referencing them in a script either before the remote system has connected, or after it has disconnected you’ll get a script not found error. You should wrap such commands in try/on error blocks to make sure your script continues to execute. The scripts will not show in the Manage Global Scripts window as you can’t edit them, but only in the scripts menu and be available to scheduled events or scripts by name.
  • New: Added “put data” parameter to the load URL verb. If you wish to make a PUT to a web server or other device you can now supply whatever payload you wish to send via this parameter as a string. The request type will be automatically set to PUT so it will not be necessary to specify “PUT” as your custom request type. If you do set a custom request type however you can use this to send a non-form encoded block of data to any other web resource.
  • New: The VeraUI7 interface now lets you send a set value command of 0 or non-zero to lock or unlock a door. This allows you to use the inline control of popup to select the state if you wish rather than just the on/off toggle. Previously the vera interface would have complained that set value didn’t apply to a door lock and please send an on or off command.
  • Fix: Unit icons now display properly for Plugins such as the VeraUI7 interface. This was broken in the previous release.
  • Minor: Views now use the regular File menu for “rename” rather than their own custom rename menu item under the views menu.

Previous Releases

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