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XTension Version 9.4.12

Released: 10/2/2018

Download: XTension v9.4.12 (build 992) 10/2/2018
zipfile md5 = b9d3f319fa192d573c93f23f8bc98e9c

Change Log

  • NEW: Alexa Bridge Plugin, now part of XTension
    • lets you run scripts or control units.
    • there should not be any confusion of ID numbers as you add or removed shared objects
  • NEW: APC UPS Plugin Supports connecting remotely to a raspberry pi to get UPS info, time left, line voltage, load % and more. Solves the problem of your Mac not restarting properly with a UPS attached by attaching it to a raspberry pi. Full setup and configuration documentation in the wiki link above.
  • NEW: Lists of Units that are shared through a plugin like the alexa or the websocket plugin now show an icon to that effect in their toolbar. Clicking it brings up a list of interfaces that are sharing those units.
  • NEW: redesign of the scheduled event window.
    • The suspended/enabled status of the events is now shown as a checkbox which is easier to manage.
    • as an event gets to within 10 seconds of firing it will highlight and begin a countdown in it’s line item.
  • NEW: In the edit global script window you’ll find a new menu item in the “gear” menu to “Manage Handlers” Here you can select handlers from the script and make them automatically global just like the makeGlobal verb does but now it’s sticky across restarts and you don’t have to create an on init() handler to call the makeGlobal verb. You can also create a submenu of any handlers and then they will appear as if the script were a folder containing other scripts in the script menu. So you can now select handlers specifically from within the menu. The name of these handlers can also be edited on that page so that while the handler might be called “doImportantThing” you can make a menu that is more human readable like “Do Important Thing”. Those shared handlers are also shared with the shared scripts to interfaces such as the web socket so that a better interface can be supplied there also.
  • NEW: New data object in the plugin system and webSocket plugin. If a shared object is either deleted or removed from sharing by the user you will receive an array in the next update packet called “removed” which is an array of objects that contain 2 values “type” which right now is limited to what we are sharing, “unit”, “script” or “list” but more will be added in the future and then the “uniqueId” with the ID of the object to be removed from sharing. It’s up to the remote implementation to remove any interface for the objects which are no longer being shared. XTension will not accept any commands for any shared object that is no longer in the shared object list.
  • Web Remote and Mobile Web Remotes have reduced latency in showing video frames. They show up much closer to real time now so you don’t have to wait a couple of frames before seeing what it was that made you want to look at it.
  • Mobile Web Remote properly calculates the size of the video being displayed and will make sure that any controls you’ve added below the video window are positioned properly even as you change from portrait to landscape mode. Previously any controls below the video display would end up half way down the image if you switched to landscape.
  • While I can’t actually tell the difference myself, there is somewhat less data being sent to the mobile web remote at startup so it should be starting up more quickly. Depending on the setup though it may be a subtle difference.
  • Vera security units that are not specifically handled should now create their “triggered” unit more reliably. This will fix problems folks had in the past with more exotic devices like the ZWave smoke detectors who’s “triggered” units did not appear until the first time they were actually triggered.
  • Newly added Vera devices should once again show up as soon as they are available. I’ve only been able to test this a little bit though, if you find that you’ve added new units and they aren’t there but instead you see an error in the log about not creating a unit for device type (none) then please let me know what it was you added and then just disable and re-enable the interface and they will appear properly.
  • Continue to tweak the very complicated Edit Interface dialog. More of the UI is hidden or shown depending on what is actually valid for that specific device that you are setting up leaving less confusion over whats important and leaving more room on the screen for things that are important.
  • FIX: If you click Cancel when creating a new log window you are no longer left with an empty log window that you cannot delete.
  • FIX: ping responses from newer plugins no longer appear in the Alien Address Window
  • FIX: the “multiqueue” name label now moves with the bottom of the resizing interface window rather than showing in the middle of it as it did previously.
  • FIX: Making a change to a Bonjour or mDNS enabled interface no longer requires you to disable and re-enable the interface in order for the changes to take effect. The new name will be registered as soon as you save or apply the changes.
    • any messages about the success or failure of the mDNS registration have the proper flags set so that they will show up in the log window if you are filtering by that interface.
  • FIX: setting the “battery level” or “low batt” flag in a units preference via applescript no longer generates an error instead of setting the property.
  • FIX: Fixed a potential problem that could have caused an error to be logged instead of opening the Unit Properties window depending on some of the property types of that unit.
  • FIX: If you delete a group it’s units no longer hold a reference to it. This could have caused the now deleted group’s on and off script to continue to run with changes to the group members even though the group was deleted.
  • FIX: You can now add animated gauges to a dynamic web interface window without errors being logged in XTension.
  • FIX: Fixed a timing issue with Views that showed video thumbnails. Very rarely it could cause a crash when closing that window if a video frame arrived at just the right time between closing the window and removing the reference to the video stream.
  • FIX: In the Select Shared Objects sheet window for selecting what objects will be shared to Alexa and other similar plugins pressing the “select all scripts” button actually selects all the scripts in the window and not all the lists like it was doing previously.
  • Enabled Type Ahead for both the list of lists and the list of scripts in the Select Shared Objects window.
  • FIX: using the scroll wheel to scroll the log window up from the bottom now properly stops it from scrolling immediately back down upon the next log line item. It now behaves the same way that any other method of interacting with the window does and stops the auto scroll until you’re no longer using the window.
  • FIX: The log scrollback that was loaded upon launch would not have actually held as much data as it thought it did. The entire log scrollback is now properly saved and restored with the database. Since the internal format of this file had to change you will lose the log scrollback if you have to revert to an earlier version of XTension after running this. Or you can manually copy the log cache from a saved database into the live one to restore it. If you have to revert and need assistance doing that drop me an email and I will walk you through it. Not a difficult process. Or just let the log cache reset.

NOTE! this is likely the last version that will be compatible with OSX 10.9. Future versions will require 10.10 or newer.

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