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XTension Version 9.3.1

Released: 6/7/2017

Download: XTension v9.3.1 (build 963) 6/7/2017

This is mostly a bug fix release for those running 9.3. Including many fixes and adjustments to the plugin API as well as fixing problems with excessive logging of non-errors as errors in the management of applescripts. 9.3.1 is recommended for anyone running 9.3.

Change Log

  • FIX: All Applescripts now have their parent script properly set to the attachments script that was broken in the previous version.
  • DIY interface now gets an “on init()” event even if the port is set to “none“
  • PLUGINS: plugin units without an address are no longer re-assigned as a pseudo.
  • NEW: A new color picker in the unit control window for color capable devices much superior to the old 3 sliders.
  • FIX: the new color picker will draw the current selection even if its located to the far right of the display.
  • NEW: Many problems that we have with HA Macs are related to USB issues. This version adds a checkbox in the preferences for “Log USB Events” if you turn this on then a log line will be made each time the system thinks a USB device is added or removed from the bus. This should make it much easier to locate failing USB cords or devices or external disks before they start to cause serious hangups or kernel panics. I have a disk right now that is reporting many disconnect/reconnect events when in use that I know is going to eventually corrupt some data even though it hasn’t started generating any other errors yet. This should be quite useful!
  • CHANGE: the “recompile all scripts” option in the double secret startup options window (hold option key at startup of the app) now will recompile the scripts from the last saved text reversion data and not try to load the script, get the source and then re-compile the script. This is useful if the script has become so corrupt that you can’t load the script in the first place without causing problems with AppleScript. So far this has only ever been necessary with a very few users on Yosemite which has some of the worst AppleScript bugs of any OSX version ever since before the public beta. Seriously… don’t use Yosemite (10.10.x) either stay at 10.9 or upgrade to at least 10.11.x.

Previous Releases

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