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XTension Version 9.3.6

Released: 10/17/2017

Download: XTension v9.3.6 (build 971) 10/17/2017

Change Log

  • FIX: There was a problem where newly created groups might not have saved any scripts you edited. Group scripts are now properly saved no matter when you create them.
  • Manage Global Scripts window now supports home/end keys for moving in the list
  • Added “Show Context” to the contextual menu for a Global Script in the Manage Global Scripts window to quickly access a scripts saved context.
  • Added “Find This Script” to the contextual menu for a Global Script in the Manage Global Scripts window to bring up the Find dialog and find every reference to that script.
  • Added a menu shortcut (command-M) to bring up the Manage Global Scripts window.
  • Hold down the option key when performing a contextual click on a Global Script in the Manage Global Scripts window to show an otherwise hidden menu item to reveal the actual script file from the database in the finder.
  • Hold down the option key when performing a contextual click on a unit in any list window to show additional hidden options to reveal the actual units database folder in the finder.
  • Images and other resources served up to the Web Remote and Mobile Web Remote now support the “ETag” header from the http 1.1 protocol so the browser can better know what to cache and what needs to be reloaded. This makes for faster loading of the web remotes.
  • FIX: you can now drag the last unit in a list window out of the window, previously dragging the last unit in the list would result in an error in the log and no drag.
  • FIX: fixed a regression in the last version that would cause any attempt to add a new “small unit value” control to a web remote page to fail with an error.
  • Removed several desktop only features from the mobile web remote View page that results in faster loading of mobile web remote pages.
  • FIX: The Video Archive page no longer tries to serve you up the currently recording but as yet unfinished video being recorded at the moment you connect. That movie would not display and just caused confusion to be shown in the list.
  • Removed some more debug logging having to do with displaying video on the web remote pages.
  • FIX: you can again press “enter” after entering your password on the web remote page to send the password. Previously it was necessary to click the LogIn button.
  • Added “Find This Unit” to the contextual menu in all unit List windows for quickly bringing up the Find dialog and finding all references to a unit.
  • The Find dialog will now also search for units referenced in Views and display that information also. If you have a control in a view that references a unit it will now be listed in the find as well.
  • An almost total re-write of the Mobile Web Remote system. It won’t look very much different initially but it loads hugely faster and is ready to accept your taps hugely faster than the previous version.
  • Editing a mobile web remote page is now much more pleasant. After selecting to edit the page you can delete items by selecting their remove widget and drag other items up and down rather than the old clumsy way of using the move up/down buttons. At this moment the page doesn’t scroll if you reach the edge of the screen so you’ll need to drop the control there, scroll the page and drag it a bit further. Even so it’s hugely easier to use than the previous version.

Previous Releases

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