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XTension Version 9.2.2

Released: 4/15/2017

Download: XTension v9.2.2 (build 961) 4/15/2017

A maintenance release fixing more usability issues with the new list interface introduced in 9.2. Recommended for all users of 9.2 or later.

Change Log

  • NEW: DIY Interface and Send Data verb: You can now include numbers larger than a single byte in the bytes output from the Send Data verb. Normally the bytes parameter is a list of values in various formats. If you wish to include other number formats that are larger than a byte it is no longer necessary to break it up into bytes in AppleScript. If instead of a single entry in the list of bytes you include another list you can include a larger number. The list should have 2 entries. The first entry is the format of the number as a string. The first character of the string should be “L” or “B” for little endian or big endian. The remainder of the format string should be one of the supported standard C number representations. Supported formats are “int8”, “uint8”, “int16”, “uint16”, “int32”, “uint32”, “int64”, uint64” and “double”. The second entry of the list is the actual number. For example {“Luint16”, 56778} sends 2 bytes as a little endian 16 bit integer. Included in a byte parameter it might look like: {12, “&h60”, {“Buint64”, 12345667889}, 00}
  • FIX: fixed a problem opening the new scheduled event window that could result in an error and an incomplete unit list popup from which to select the unit the event will apply to.
  • FIX: If your timing in quitting the app is exceptionally good you may have gotten an “Exit Exception” in the log when you next open the app. This no longer happens once in a great while.
  • FIX: The Master List window handles it’s caching of large number of units better and will open almost instantly no matter how many units you have in your system.
  • FIX: Fixed a regression with the new unit list control that could have kept you from renaming a List.
  • FIX: A long standing bug that would not save the new name of a list if it was the same except for changes in capitalization.
  • FIX: Adding a new unit to a list now properly updates the vertical scrollbar maximum so that you can scroll to the bottom and actually see the unit you added.
  • FIX: Select All now works in unit list windows again.
  • FIX: No longer logs key codes when typing in the inline description field of the new unit list window.
  • FIX: Cached unit display lines now properly honor the retina resolution of whatever screen they are on rather than looking slightly fuzzy on retina screens as they did in 9.2
  • NEW: A new Global Script can be created from the “New Global Script” menu in the file menu.
  • FIX: New, but still empty Global Scripts that you close without actually creating any script no longer warn you that your changes are unsaved.
  • FIX: Unit scripts that are created and then closed without you adding any content to them no longer warn you that your changes are unsaved.
  • FIX: You can paste into the edit script window again.
  • FIX: Copying out of the log window no longer results in an error to the log.
  • FIX: Copying and pasting units from one list to another results in the new units being highlighted as other methods of adding units do.
  • FIX: Editing an Interface script results in an Edit Script window that has the name of the Interface in it’s title so you can tell what interface the script is attached to.
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