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Color Manipulation Verbs

Many places in XTension you can display values in colors. The most obvious selections for colors are usually included as defaults such as the ON/OFF color default and colors based on a temperature value like a weather display are already available in the popups of color behaviors or backgrounds in most interfaces. You may wish to use colors elsewhere to enhance the interface or the display of information. XTension provides some verbs for working with colors to make this easier.

All colors in XTension are represented by an HTML style string of 6 characters. Each group of 2 is a hex number from 00 to FF representing the amount of Red Green or Blue in the color. For example “FF0000” is all red, “0000FF” is all blue. Whenever you pass a color to or from a verb or object you’ll pass or get a string that contains that.

The output from any of these verbs can be used to set unit icon backgrounds, display colors or also as the input for color capable lights.

The following verbs may help you to manage colors for better interfaces:

See Also:

These verbs in XTension will accept color information that you can get from or manipulate with these verbs:

as well as the xtOnColor and xtOffColor properties of the xUnit Class for changing a units background display color.

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